Florence, Italy

I had an amazing time stumbling around this country; observing the blatant differences from my own country as well as the surprising amount of nuances and similarities.

DevLearn, Las Vegas, NV

Neil deGrasse Tyson gave some inspirational words at DevLearn on how we're teaching (and simultaneously not teaching) our kids. "Not every wrong answer is equally incorrect."

San Diego, CA

"The ticking you hear, is life passing you by..." A subtle reminder on my usual running route around the Crown Point bay path.


I’m a learning professional working at PlayStation in San Diego, CA. After being hacked and having my original site deleted by my hosting company, I’m back online and I’ll be using this space to document and reflect on my personal and professional progression through life.

Scattered thoughts


DevLearn 2014

DevLearn 2014 was my first non-ATD (formerly ASTD) conference. I had attended both LearnNow and TechKnowledge the previous year, and wanted to try  something new that no one in my group had been to before....


Let’s try this again

Since my original website got hacked and taken down quite a few months ago, I haven’t taken the time to reconstruct it and start publishing content again until today. It’s not that I’ve been...